Rx Fit - Our flagship class, Rx Fit is a well-rounded approach to getting healthy and strong. You'll always train at least one major barbell lift to stimulate muscle growth, perform appropriate accessory exercises to develop your technique and keep your body balanced, and finish with a conditioning circuit to burn fat, improve stamina, and have a little “fun” at the end the workout!


Rx Strong - The barbell will be your best friend in this muscle building workout! Programmed around the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift, Rx Strong is designed to help you build strength and power, and become a brick wall of a human being! Getting strong is the foundation of being fit, and Rx Strong will build you a body that is unbreakable.


Kettlebell Sport - Master this ancient strength training tool, and train like an international kettlebell athlete! The duration of each long kettlebell set will burn fat, build your stamina, strengthen your core, and help you develop a pair of bulletproof shoulders that look and feel great! Give it a shot and get swinging!


Viking Warrior - Strength training has been around a lot longer than the barbell, and we'll teach you how to add the ancient tools of Mace (gada) and Club (meel) to your modern training program! Popular with wrestlers, martial artists, and other functional strength athletes, these weapon-like implements will strengthen your shoulders, reinforce your core, and introduce new variety to a standard workout routine. Come learn how to move like a warrior, and add the strength of steel to your training!

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